Friday, February 27, 2009

If you blinked you would have missed it!

Winter did arrive on Wednesday at the international meet, but only fleetingly and at the highest elevations on the west. By Thursday despite a frenzy of excited visitors conditions were rapidly dripping away, and by the middle of the afternoon the whole of Scotland was once more in deep thaw.

Luckily I managed to link up with Simon Richardson, a man who can sniff out a single snow flake a hundred miles away. And together with Max and Zoe Hart (USA) we managed to get excellent conditions and a new route Big Wednesday VI,6 high on Goodeve's Buttress on Ben Nevis. You know conditions are getting good when the hot aches or as they say across the pond "Screaming Barfies" kick in. Zoe Hart demonstrating her coping techniques. Max on the 3rd pitch of big Wednesday
Thursday saw us return in the hope of another good day this time in the impressive rock around Archangel, unfortunately the thaw meant we only managed 2 1/2 pitches before we ran away.

Zoe on the first pitch of Archangel as the thaw begins to kick in.Max suffered particularly badly in terms of soggyness as he'd forgotten his Gore Tex trousers.

So that was all we got in terms of winter this International Meet, fairly disappointing particularly for the visitors who'd travelled so far. The rain however didn't seem to dampen spirits too much and as I headed south the mini buses were just loading up to make a distillery tour, a side of Scotland that was bound to deliver.

2 comments: said...

Nice one Ian. Good to see you got something at least. What a washout! I heard the Petzl guys got Darth Vader high on the Ben on thursday? Bye the way I got dug out of the snow by Petur at Kaldakinn last week.. he said to say hi. He said he pulled you guys out too! Awesome guy, mega place!


Ian Parnell said...

Hi Malcolm, yes despite the waterfalls down Coire na Ciste we were surrounded by very talented Frenchman and a token Swiss i.e. Ueli! I hoipe they get better conditions tomorrow and next week.

Kaldakinn now that is a special place, glad you got involved.