Monday, March 2, 2009

The G10 Winter Test

The dampness of last week's International Meet wasn't much cop for climbing but one thing it was good for was the "Soggyness test". Several days immersion in full Scottish spring conditions saw the G10 eventually spend an evening on strike refusing to work and asking for a new battery. Luckily normal service was resumed the following day although the screen is still recovering looking a little more like a lava lamp with a few floating bubbles. I'd say that was a pretty reasonable effort by the G10 considering I wasn't using a case and it ended up in a puddle in my rucksack lid pocket, Ive had an F90 die after a similar dousing. 7/10 The other big test for the G10 this winter was during my ascent of Ravens Edge in December when the final pitch tested how robust the body was. Grating my way up a squeeze chimney I remember getting to an impasse where I thought my rack was jamming my progress. It turned out to be my G10 once more without its case wedged in my chest pocket. The Gore Tex got shredded but the G10 escaped with minor scrapes on the metal work. 8/10

The biggest benefit of the G10 as a winter camera so far has been the chunky dials on top, which enable me to turn on, change operating mode, ISO and exposure compensation wearing big belay mitts. 9/10

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