Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Proof Positive

Even when I was still at Malham I knew I'd come a bit of a cropper. Cleaning the last two routes simultaneously! rushing to get home in time for Daddy duty I pulled a little too hard on exhausted muscles and tendons and felt something give in my shoulder. The following day my shoulder was throbbing away although luckily not completely seized up. I think its my bicep tendon but will know more in a couple of days. This didn't really come as too much of a surprise as seemingly every time I try hard (particularly training) when rock climbing something snaps. Obviously this could easily put a spanner in the positive thinking speil I psyched myself up with just days before.

Then today I watched the Grand Prix motor racing down in Melbourne and it reminded me why however bad things look you should never give up. For those who didn't see the race; Jenson Button, who after being flagged up as the new British hope of motor racing has spent the best part of his career languishing at the back of the grid having to keep his composure and his dodgy car on the track while being routinely mocked by punters as talentless. Then at the end of last year's season it looked like his team were about to give up F1 all together leaving him with no job. That a hastily salvaged team could actually make the start this season was amazing enough, but for Button to go on and win (and his team mate Barrichello to come second) was pure fairy tale stuff.
An equally impressive story filled third place where Lewis Hamilton last year's champion but this season driving a dog of a car made it from a starting position of 18th onto the podium.

I'm off to the Alps in 2 weeks so I feel a bit like Hamilton 18th on the starting line with a sea of cars between him and the podium. Time to turn on the positive afterburners.

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