Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Land of Psyche

So it looks like the Welsh winter is (hopefully) temporarily over. Just before everything got too soggy Ive heard of a couple of further impressive visits to the Black Ladders. First Andy Benson and Rich Cross repeated Flanders, the route of Chris Parkin's that seemed to have developed the biggest reputation. They found it to be excellent with two tricky starting pitches, a reasonable middle section and a tough finale, VII,7 all in all. A day later local legend returned to his old haunt with Steve Long making the first winter ascent of Canon Ball at VI,8 (what that is in modern money we'll have to see). So until it gets cold again here's a few more pics of Scott Report courtesy of Mark Baggy Richards.


Anonymous said...

was it the summer or winter line on flanders ?

if it was the winter, they didnt find an in situe axe by any chance?

Ian Parnell said...

Ha, ha! I'm seeing Rich end of next week I'll ask him. It was the winter line they did by the way.

Anonymous said...

ah I meant to say I lost the axe on the summer line ... Brain obviously not in gear when I last commented.