Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its winter but not as we know it

I'd been planning to blog daily from the international winter meet up in Scotland all this week but to be honest I've been too embarrassed to post. There's been one minor problem with the winter meet - no winter.

So far I can tell you about the conditions at Cummingston (a little damp) and Dunkeld (nice and sunny but seepy in the usual places). As for places like the Ben the reports are of water cascading over black rock and from the Northern Corries of black rocks cascading over water. So here's some pics:

Jeff (US) and Max (Canada) trying to make the guidebook photos fit to the awful reality.
Hoar build up at CummingstonJeff looking for the finishing icicle on an E2 at Dunkeld.
Max on High Performance E4 in full white out conditions at Dunkeld.

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