Wednesday, April 30, 2014

North West Land

This September the people of Scotland get to vote on whether to go their own way from us lot down South. I wouldn't blame them if they vote yes, I suspect if I was born and lived up that way I'd be tempted too, if only from the heart rather than the head. But on a personal note as an Englishman living down in Sheffield it would be a disaster. Mainly because it will probably mean we'll be condemned to a permanent Conservative government but also because I feel more at home in the landscape of certain parts of Scotland than I do in most of the rest of the UK. Something I was reminded of during last week in Assynt and on Skye.


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Eric said...

Yes Ian, funnily enough as a Scot I feel the same about England in some ways. How sad I would feel if a trip to Northumberland or The Lakes were a trip to a foreign country.

It's not just economically that we'd be poorer but poorer in so many other ways besides.