Sunday, February 2, 2014

What a week

Just got back from a life-affirming week at Glenmore Lodge as a host on the BMC International Winter Meet. Very inspiring on many levels. Despite pretty poor weather most days, the list of routes climbed was incredible (There's a partial list on the BMC website report here). Really impressive to see so many climbers thrown in at the deep end and adapting so positively. Personal highlight of the week was climbing a very wintery Centurion on The Ben with Canadian guest Michelle Kadatz. Afterwards she wrote on her facebook page 'Crazy day climbing on Ben Nevis with Ian Parnell. I don't think climbing can ever be the same again. A new level of commitment, psych and suffering has been obtained.' Which sums up the week well. Here are a few pics.
Day One - Olov Isaksson on Inclination in Glen Coe
Me on Inclination Pitch 3
Teams on Central Grooves and Buttress
Olov on Pitch 2 of Slenderhead at Stob Corie nan Lochan
and again on Pitch 3
The line of Centurion on The Ben
Looking up the first two pitches of Centurion - about to spontaneously combust with excitement
After sitting for a hour watching horizontal rain in Torridon heading for plan B at Applecross
Result! Meall Gorm - the shortest winter walk in in Scotland
Michelle on pitch 2 of a variation on Blue Lampost