Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Garden 2013

Whilst I've neglected it in the last few months, my garden has given a huge amount this year - from a much needed breathing space for the head to courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, lettuce and apples for the taste buds. The amazing variety of wildlife for such a small garden (particularly since it's terrorised by our cats) has been particularly uplifting. So here's a year in snaps.

April (sorry 2 shots - great month for the garden as well as climbing!)



Here's wishing everyone a rewarding 2014

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Climbing Year 2013

Been a mixed year, some months have gone by with just a single route, others have been amazing but all in all 2013 has been good. Norway had the wow factor but the best thing was feeling like a proper climber again.

January - Central Grooves (VII,8) Lech Ddu
February - Awesome trip to Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway
 March - Nice new route (VI) on Lech Ddu 
April - North Wales just keeps on giving. The Appendix at night before Chequered Wall the following morning (left of folk on Central Icefall here)
 April - Sorry two pics it was such a good month. Opening Gambit (MXS) 
May - Traditional Pembroke bank holiday Playstation (E3)
 June - Nightflight (HVS) Whitestone Cliff
 July - Capital Punishment (E3), Ogwen
 July - Yes two again, just a great summer. Abseiling in for new route at the Iron Age Fort Area Range West
August - Rapture of the Deep (E4), Gogarth
September - Outstanding trip new routing on the islands off Skye
 October - Mantrap (E3) Gogarth
November - Which Doctor (E5) cheating headpoint as can't climb grit
  December - Falling off at White Goods in preparation for a superb start to 2014