Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clogwyn Du 23rd Dec

Just got back from a fine trip to Clogwyn Du in North Wales with Rich, Jon and Eric. Heres a few pics:Welsh alpenglow
After an hour or two trying something new we ran away for the "slabby!!!!" one of Nick Bullock's two routes - Travesty (VIII,8). Meanwhile Andy Turner had just completed the second ascent of the steep Bullock route - Cracking Up, a 1 in 3 overhanging IX,9. I eventually on my third attempt made it across the crux of Travesty, words to describe that pitch include committing, scary, pumpy, marginal, outrageous.
This is Rich polishing off the rest of Travesty to lead us to the top in daylight, just. The crux was still ahead, only just managing to get home across a snow locked Peak District.
Jon and Erik also had a fine day with Jon making a smooth lead of El Mancho (VI,7).


Unknown said...

Aha, that explains it! I was wandering around Idwal with the children yesterday afternoon and could hear someone climbing.

Couldn't see anyone in the Devils Kitchen area, so it must have been you on Clogwyn Du.


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the route Ian... My aim in life is to please! happy christmas mate. Nick.

Ian Parnell said...

I believe my comment at the time was "Beeping Bullock has got alot to answer for...!" Happy Christmas to you too. PS I'll be out alps way mid feb...get planning.

Nick Bullock said...

Nice... laughed loads when i heard the story, knew i had overgraded it.. VI'6 then. Already planned the routes for feb mate! oh, by the way, i'm in norway 17th-21st of feb so plan it after then if you can... easy 1...Nick

Jack said...

Well if you can get up it and Bullock can get up it, it can't be more than F7b. So I guess I will have to have a go.

Well done by the way. Looks lovely. I hope we get another cold snap.

And don't nick my project up there either.


Ian Parnell said...

Jack, I think we tried to nick your project but failed. I really shouldn't have fallen off - weak of arms and feeble of mind. 7b! you do know its E1 in summer, so probably Fr 6a+ but don't fall off the last move ;-). Now the Crack does look like a 7b - properly fierce - surely a good first route for Rich S when you two head out? Have fun, Idwal the new N Corries?

nick bullock said...

Jack... make sure you get Dave Brown up there filming if you do go and try it... it'll be a blockbuster that, and then i wont miss you shaking and shi**ing yourself... hope you had a good chrimbo mate...oh, and ps... to do a route you actually need to go and try it not talk about it!