Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More White Goods

With the warm and wet weather of late rock climbing and accessible winter climbing are out so Jon and I returned to the dry tooling crag White Goods. To cut a long story short I got my botty literally spanked. Both of us felt completely knackered before we even started Jon with a chest cold and me battling sleepless nights as a Dad. After warming up I tried Power Pact an M9+ that I was hoping might just be a touch harder than Jazz, the route I'd done last visit. I ended up bailing from the third bolt as I just didn't seem to have my head on straight. I was a little bit thrown by the obligatory fig 4 needed at the start which I found really hard to get into and then it only took a few wobbly blocks up higher to give me the excuse. The bottom line is I need to get stronger before trying something like this. Dropping my ambitions I headed back to the main crag hoping to try Doorstep Challenge an M8 with a large finishing roof. Unfortunately I didn't get anywhere near that, pulling a sizeable flake off and bashing my bum on a nasty upside down fall. On a day like this you have to know when its best just to go home. Jon making more of the day than me with some worthwhile laps on one of the M7s.
This is the main crag (complete with White Goods!) Jazz takes a line just left of the righthand tree, Doorstep goes just right of the lefthand tree (you can just see a sling on the lip of the roof)
One of the many odd finds amongst the tip at the base of the crag.

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