Thursday, March 18, 2010

Changing Focus

This last week has seen a very noticeable arrival of warmer weather. This is not to say winter is completely over but after having had the snow blinkers on it is something of a shock personally. One of my very slim remaining winter opportunities melted away today and it may turn out that my season will have ended mid February. That's frustrating in the best winter season seen for years but there's no point whinging, it is what it is. The positive way to look at it is that I've woken up my rock climbing from hibernation a little earlier than usual. Always a fairly painful process for me. A cold windy Millstone was a real struggle but yesterday a cosy quiet Chee Tor reminded me of just how enjoyable using your hands rather than sharp pointy things on the rock really can be.

The other activity that rears large this time of year is running. Two races are looming large for me in the next month or two. The first and most daunting is this Sunday and the Edale Skyline, a 21 mile national classic fell run - my goals being to not be disqualified and finish. Then at the end of April the Sheffield Half Marathon, perhaps more my cup of tea, goals - surprise surprise a pb but by how much? Now that would be telling.

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