Saturday, March 6, 2010

13th March Arcteryx Adventure Shot Open

Next Saturday as part of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival the Arc'teryx Adventure Shot competition will be running for the first time. It's an event I've been trying to get off the ground ever since being involved as a judge in the annual steep shot comp which is held as part of the Squamish Mountain Festival. That was held in a brew pub and the combination of beer, North American's natural exuberance and some brilliant images made it a very rowdy and exciting evening.

For our version we're holding it in the cafe bar at The Showroom in Sheffield complete with several barrels of a unique SHAFF beer. The whole do will be hosted by Grimer, who in his own unique way will ensure no-one takes proceedings too seriously. We've got a pub style quiz to kick things off (again with decent prizes) and then the adventure photo shoot out itself.
Five photographers will present a sequence of their images live with the audience and a panel of judges choosing the winner.

I'm hoping with the great prizes 500 quid cash and a full set of Arc'teryx Goretex for the winner that this will become a regular prestigious event. In recent years a lot of our communities creative effort has gone into film with great results. I'd like to think the Adventure Shot event will be a chance to showcase what great talents we have working away with still images and that at it's best photography can capture the essence of adventure in a way other mediums can't

So the five finalists we have are
Adam Long well known for his climbing images but also with a geat feel for landscape and nature work.

Richard Seipp is a Hayfield based photographer specialising in powerful gritty mountain biking, cyclo cross and fell running shots.

Robbie Shone who amongst many subjects is one of the countries top caving photographers.

Alex Buisse one of the winners of the UKC open competition. Alex's extraordinary images have a distinctive style all his own.

Alex Ekins the other winner of the UKC event, Sheffield based Alex has a great eye backed up by spot on timing as a result his work is full of life.

Tickets for the event are only £3 and are limited so worth booking in advance.

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