Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kendal Lecture and Dru video

I arrived yesterday in the Alps as ever full of anticipation but having to temper that by remembering that these mountains are usually a land of broken dreams. I guess I've been out 20 times and even though I've had a few successes, the aborted attempts, epic turn-arounds and just plain failures have outweighed summits reached by 5 to 1. Still I find as soon as you get close to these legendary peaks you can't help feel the heart beginning to race.

I'm here for the week but its looking like there might be a weather window on Monday and Tuesday. Not perfect conditions but a window of some kind. So the plan is to head up with Nick and Andy to try to find a way up the Aiguille Sans Nom, the superb 1000m mixed face just left of the Dru. To whet the appetite here's a clip from the DVD Cold Haul (a film I made with Karen Barber and Andy Kirkpatrick and on sale here

Its of the last route I got properly involved with in that area, the Lafaille route on the Dru.

For those within travelling distance in the Lakes a date for the diary is June 3rd when I will be lecturing at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. There are more details here

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