Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cor Blimey!

My, oh, my! I'd forgotten how much hard work alpine climbing was. Back in Mont Saxonney nursing my bruises, sores and aching body but with a full belly of mountain happiness.Andy and Nick scoping the line we took on the 1000m north face of the Aiguille Sans Nom. Starting up the first half of Russian Roulette and then finishing up the upper ice pitches of the Gabarrou-Silvy.Nick speeding to shelter on the initial ground beneath the Russian Roulette serac (top right)
Entering the upper goulotte system on day 2.
Nick pulling round the crux squeezy-groove and ice bulge. Quite spicy with a big sack on.
Bivied close to the summit on the second night, Only 13 hours of descent to go.

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E9 Climbing said...

Cool pics the finish is one of the best I have ever climbed. Looks like you had good Ice too.