Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canon G10 first impressions

Just picked up a Canon G10, their new top end compact digital camera, so here are a few initial impressions after 30 minutes use this afternoon. It's on the large side for a compact (but for those of us used to 35mm film compacts it feels the right size for a quality compact camera). The controls on the whole are by large buttons and chunky dials - one of the main reasons I choose the G10 over rivals, as I'm hoping this should ease use with big gloves. The screen is BIG, bright and has great colours (more saturated than on my Vaio computer screen). Speed of use with Jpegs is pretty fast, with RAW not bad - certainly better than many other compacts. Here's a few pics, the first showing the colours This second is shot at ISO 100
....and here's a crop to show detail (no sharpening done in photoshop)
This fourth shot is at ISO 800 1/60th second (it was getting dark)
...again a detail showing obvious noise but not bad.
All these were shot on Large Jpeg, the G10 of course shoots RAW, which should have better results. I'll post up more images and thoughts once I've had a bit more chance to play.

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Parka said...

Actually the forest shot at ISO 800 is very good.

There's no point in a crop if the picture is never going to be presented that way to viewers.

This camera is a performer.