Monday, January 4, 2010

Skye's the limit

Just got back from a weekend in Scotland. After driving through the night I arrived in Sheffield just before 7am and managed a full 10 minutes in bed before my daughter woke up. I could of course have sampled more of the excellent conditions in North Wales or the Lakes and had a full nights sleep, so was it worth all the hard work and suffering... Hell Yes!

After a fine day out on Saturday with Dave Macleod in Glen Coe I joined up with Pete Macpherson in search of the very elusive Skye winter conditions. A 2.30am alarm call was rewarded with this dawn over Bhastier Tooth. We set about attempting the second ascent of Nick Carter and Martin Moran's masterpiece Hung Drawn and Quartered (VIII,8) Pitch one warm up through the 20ft cave roof!Man of the moment - winter climbing machine Pete Macpherson
The art of extreme chimneying. The final of three grade 8 pitches. All in all an extraordinary route and an incredible day of pure Scottish winter magic.

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