Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cor Blimey

Back in the UK now after a fun Squamish Festival. Had a nice surprise at the end when John Irvine persuaded me to enter the trail race even though it was scheduled just before I'd leave to drive to Vancouver to catch my flight. I fancied a nice work-out before the hours sat on the plane. About 5kms long with lots of ups and down and about 40 of us having a go. Considering I got lost at one point I was fairly gobsmacked when I asked where I'd come at the finish, to be told first place! OK I know its just a fun run but you've got to take even the little victories when they pop up, so Ive arranged an open-top bus for this weekend for the celebratory procession down Eccie Road.

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Jack said...

Nice one Ian! Good effort. Hope the festival was a good one.