Friday, August 21, 2009

Bank Holiday Mecca

Next week we've got a family holiday camping in Pembroke, in fact there's quite a gathering of friends coming along, including a bit of an A list of climbing partners including the McClure and Bransby families. Unfortunately this was all planned before I buggered up my tendon. I'd like to try my finger out on some VSs but won't be bothering Steve and Ben on the rope. Never the less I can't help getting excited about heading down to one of my favourite coastlines. There seems to be quite a buzz going around about Pembroke again which might be something to do with the new rockfax guide So help build the psyche here's a few Pembroke pics.The One Eyed Man tucked away in Blind Man's Bay near Mother Carey's Kitchen is typical of Pembroke. A stunning 3 star route that very few have heard of, there's just so much quality climbing on this coast. Here Charlie Woodburn finds that it's pretty tough at the old grade of E4, I think its been upgraded in the latest guide.Trevor Massiah was one of my two best partners in Pembroke back when I was a regular visitor. Here he's goofing around on pitch 2 of the amazing 4 pitch adventure we put up "The Land that Time forgot" traversing Mount Sion West. One of the new routes I'm most proud of.John Arran was my other major partner. Way more talented from me and a new route seeking missile. I think John liked climbing with me because I was always up for an adventure most of which seemed to be traverses which led to some quite fretful following efforts by myself. Here John is on the crux of The Great Elmyra a fine E5 6c at Stennis.
Another hidden gem Grand Junction HVS at Frontier Zawn with Gabe Masini climbing.Tea time at Ma Weston's an essential part of the Pembroke experience.This shows Barry Bazza Durston moments before a big whipper on Chupacabre an E8 in Huntsmans Leap. A pic that reminds me of exciting and eventful days with the Bristol crew.Relaxing at the campsite. With wall to wall bank holiday sunshine there's no need to rush to the crag (here's hoping).

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Allan said...

good luck with the outing, ive currently got the same injury, wondering if its ever going to be back to normal!! so i know how you feel! Hope you get something done without any set backs!