Thursday, May 29, 2008

Patagonia Winter Film wins more awards

A view of Fitzroy from our bergshrund cave below Cerro Standhart

The film Andy Kirkpatrick and I produced along with Alastair Lee has now won four different film festival awards. The Best Adventure Film, and the Peoples Choice at Kendal, the Best Mountaineering Film at Vancouver and now Best Film of the Festival at the 5 Point Festival held in Carbondale in America. At the 5 Point Festival we even got a special mention from Yvon Chouinard saying it was one of the best climbing films he'd seen! Its feedback like that that makes all the fumbling with frozen fingers to get the camera out even when we were having quite a few "challenging moments" climbing, seem worthwhile.

If you haven't seen the film yet its part of "Psyche" Alastair Lee trilogy of films including a profile of Steve Mclure and a film following Dave Birkett up a stunning first ascent on Skye. You can watch snipits and order it from


Anonymous said...

congratulations. AL is an exceptional film maker but anything with you and andy is a must buy. you guys are fun, funny have real style and push all our imaginations and limits. rock on!

PS I have heard Cold Haul is good too. Any chance an American in New York can get her hands on a copy?

Ian Parnell said...

Thanks you're far too flattering!
I'm afraid Cold Haul is on NTSC (US Format) and considering it was such a massive effort to get it out in the UK there seems little chance it'll get a release in the States.

However I might see if its possible to get some of it online.

Anonymous said...

thanks Ian. Okay I take it all back. wink.

I guess I can play a UK formatted dvd on my computer. But if you can hook a gal up with it online that works too.

my email is

many thanks.

Innerenemy said...

Hey Ian,

Saw Patagonia winter for the first time last night at the Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival and thought the movie and you guys were terrific. Any chance you can post the music credits here? Great selection of sound.