Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forthcoming lecture - Abergavenny

10 days up a route on the Dru in winter

I've not been lecturing for a little while so I'm pretty excited for this coming Saturday (24th May) when I will be doing a lecture at the Borough Theatre in Abergavenny at 7.30pm (Tel 01873850805)

The event is hosted by the Abergavenny Camera Club so it will be a little different than my usual show with more of a concentration on what goes on to get images like the one above. Their web link is: http://www.abergavennycameraclub.org.uk/Club_News/Entries/2008/5/24_Ian_Parnell_-_High_Focus.html)


Philip Gwynne said...

Good job on the lecture, really enjoyed it - not a dull moment! Was down seeing family at the time in Ross-on-Wye, and I hope you'll find time to do some more lectures over my side of the woods in County Durham in the near future!

Many thanks!

Ian Parnell said...

Thanks Philip, very much enjoyed the evening myself - nice to see so many enthusiastic folk. Ive got a boig bunch of lectures planned this October/November as a double header with Kenton Cool. Dates at the moment for Oxford, Salford, Worthing, Derby, Andover, Barrow-in Furness, Bangor and Pitlochry. No County Durham this time although I'll see what we can do for future lectures.