Monday, November 12, 2012

Delivering The Goods

I was tempted to post the classic Judas Priest track (there's numerous versions on YouTube) but this is about that most aesthetic of UK crags White Goods. Having said that Rob Halford intoning...'You better watch out and hold on tight...' is quite good advice.
There's not really too much to post about the day - the most impressive part of the which was the drive down into Ruthin with a spectacular display of vivid double rainbows - unfortunately I didn't stop and get the camera out.
Good news for us mortals is there are now some more moderate routes at the main crag.
This is 'Don't Tumble' (M6+) which felt quite Scottish.
Dave G on 'Bold Start' which seems to be given M7...ahem!
As usual at White Goods I did the usual struggling, screaming and bleeding...
But after seeing Dave A put in a big fight on Tumble M9
More Dave A fighting on Tumble. 
After his effort I managed to drag my sorry large behind round the lip of White Goods (M8+). 
So I guess that is a fraction of progress - yipee. What with rainbows, redpoint success and Judas Priest that's plenty of inspiration to keep the training going. 

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