Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting up to speed

Beginning to get up to speed here in Austria. Yesterday 'got involved' as my friend Timmy would say with this cheeky number. Short bit of scratching followed by a few lock offs to get established on the ice...Luckily leading to a resting ledge then a surprisingly steep finishing 20metres.This was today's mission - Gasteiner Wasserfall, right in the middle of Bad Gastein, viewable from the main street and therefore a potential for much public humiliation! Luckily I managed to excavate my way through the icicles of the first pitch....and neil did the business on the top chandeliery column


Franco Cookson said...

Pop in for a cup of tea if you're in Innsbruck. X

Ian Parnell said...

Thanks Franco, you climbing out this way? I head back tomorrow but managed to do the super classic Supervisor yesterday - so chuffed with my trip