Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Proud Delivery

My day job - editing a magazine, can be a strange one. You pour your heart into an issue, fret over tiny details, have heated discussion with your fellow editor, scrutinize it again and again for mistakes - then wave it good bye and move on to the next one. Occasionally you might come across the odd comment on internet forums - most reliably when the inevitable error gets noticed. But there's usually silence on the content. Friends pipe up a bit more often - all overwhelmingly positive, but they are your friends after all.
All I really have to go on is the gut feeling each month on how good each issue really is. Well this last month (actually 3 months) labour has produced our first ever photo issue of Climb - and the gut says good, very good. It will be interesting to see if there is any response from our readers and hopefully previously non-readers. We've made a big effort to make it more than just a token extended gallery. We've also tried to offer more than just images, with mini story length captions for many of the shots. The result is something that if you've got out of the habit of buying mags, perhaps with the free content available on the web you might even see magazines as pointless, then give this issue a good look - I strongly feel it does things the web can never match.


Martin Phelps said...

I bought a copy of Climb a few months ago and thought it was tremendously well put together. I'll definitely track down a copy of this one - and I'm a non-climbing photographer!

climbingpost said...

good job!!

Rich said...

Loved this issue, more inspiration to add to the photography bookshelf.