Friday, November 11, 2011

It's that time again

The Foundry are starting their indoor dry tooling routes tonight. They've set 8 routes this year - so I'll report back whats the score. In the mean time here is a vid of me on the first set of routes they put up 2 years ago.


Ian Parnell said...

So I just posted this on the Foundry face book - Hi Guys good job on the dry tooling routes, nice to see more possibilities than last year, and probably a bigger grade spread. My thoughts on grades - Corner ones in the Furnace are easy for the grade (all that lovely bridging) i.e. the M4 and M5 are probably a grade easier. Didn't do the M1 and M2 but if there were routes graded that outside they would be snowed up Vdiffs not slightly overhanging walls. The lads next to us who climbed them said they might be harder than the corner routes so perhaps M3-4 an M4 for those?. In the main wall did the black (given M5 - but harder probably M6) and the M7 or 8 which has a hard 2 crux moves and is solid for M8. I did climb these just after being almost knocked out by someone lowering on my head - so perhaps in reality they are easy and I was still just concussed!

Dave said...


If you are ever in Liverpool you should take a look at the Awesomewalls tooling area. Routes graded between M5 and M8ish, plus a telegraph pole to have a good swing at.

photos on the whitegoods blog.