Saturday, February 19, 2011

Solihull Lecture & SHAFF Arcteryx Adventure Shot

Couple of events coming up. I'll be lecturing on the 3rd March at the Old Edwardians Sport Club in Solihull, you can find more info here'm also judging at the Arcteryx Photo Comp on Saturday 5th March, part of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. This is a superb rowdy event here is a link for more info and further details about the competing photographers


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more of your thoughts on the various photographers who recently competed in the Arcteryx comp. What stood out for you in the winning entrants work?

Ian Parnell said...

Hi Anon, I thought (apart from my shambolic mess up of the prize giving) it was a really inspiring event. With a very high standard amongst all 5 of the photographers. What I thought was nice was that each had their own style and take on the adventure theme. Some quick thoughts -
Sam Davies at only 17 is a real talent to look out for in the future, his best images are stunning and his show had a moments of real excitement - such as rapid sequence of crashes as the music upped a gear.
You can tell Henry Iddon is a real pro through the consistent quality of his work - I liked his take on the general theme of adventure, and the inclusive nature of his images - adventure after all isn't only the preserve of the elite.
Steve Crooks had some of my favourite images of the night, and his show made a great job of bringing running 'alive' both in a wilderness and urban setting.
As one of climbing's leading photographers Alex Messengers show had a lot of wow moments - his best shots compare with the very top climbing photos ever produced.
but for me Rob Eavis's show stood out as very different - individual, creative, unique, clever and exciting. Many of the individual images had me wondering as an experienced photographer how did he do that? But perhaps more importantly his show hung together the best, with all the images literally working together.