Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Wow!

...and I thought last season was supposed to be the best ever. It's been an incredible start this time and it's patently obvious that not just one or two individuals but collectively the whole British scene has raised it's game. Just scanning the 'net over the last few days you've a new grade IX on the Brack a new Glen Coe grade IX a repeat of Cathedral X a repeat of Cracking Up IX and to top it all off God Delusion just got repeated IX Now that everyone is warmed up what is the rest of the season going to be like...!

Part of me is massively inspired, part of me is massively jealous, and part of me is also a bit alarmed how much I'll have to get my act together for next season (at the moment I am doing bicep rehab with a 1 1/4 kg weight).


Ramon Marin said...

you'll be back in the game in no time mate

Dane said...

Saw the bicep. Good to have the surgery. No worris, I did both mine at differet times in the last couple of years and I'm back at it again. Just takes a little time.