Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lumix LX5 camera first thoughts

A few weeks ago I bought the Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera. I've been using the Canon G10 as my compact camera but it's not very compact, so much so that I couldn't fit it with a case in my jacket pocket. Partly as a result I managed to scratch the lens. So it was toss up between the predecessor the LX3, the LX5 and the Canon S95. I've not used the LX3 but supposedly the LX5 has a touch more telephoto zoom (not important for me), better video (quite important) and better low light quality with an improved sensor (very important). The following shots are all at 400iso, hand held at 1/15 and 1/13th sec at F2 (very nice to have such as fast lens). I had been disappointed with the low light abilities of the G10, the LX5 seems less noisy. I've adjusted levels but not re-saturated which I would normally do, or sharpened.
Detail of the above is pretty good considering the hand held slow shutter speed fast aperture.Levels adjusted again, no sharpeningReasonable detail again.

So my initial thoughts are decent low light performance, love the 24mm wide angle, nice handling although I have twice knocked the top mode dial and it's a proper compact. It will be interesting to see how it fairs this winter.

Having said all the above I was looking through a bunch of shots taken on a variety of cameras, and it was very obvious which ones were taken on my DSLR with top quality lenses. It does feel that compact cameras is one area that digital hasn't really delivered in compared with film.


Haydn Williams said...

I've just got a Panasonic GF1 to replace my 5D & L lenses. I know what you mean about the difference in quality, but I found myself less and less inclined to lug the 5D up hills! The control system seems nice and easy (similar to an SLR); I'm intrigued to see how it stands up to winter now!

E9 Climbing said...

If you compare this one to the Leica V Lux 20 what do you think are the pros and cons?

I just had my camera stolen. I'm looking for some thing to have when climbing but at the same time be able to get good quality shoots with. Raw if possible.


E9 Climbing said...


My short list

Leica V Lux 20
Lumix LX5

Cannon G12
Lumix GF2

Ian Parnell said...

Alright David, I've used the G10 but not the G12. The G10 is heavy compared to the LX5 I imagine the G12 is similar. I haven't used the others usually Leica have an almost identical Lumix version at half the price - it looks like the Lumix DMC TZ10 or is that T210?
The GF2 looks very small for an interchangeable lens camera and having a bigger sensor is obviously good however all those cameras have suffered so far from slow response either from the shutter focussing or write times.
It'll be a cadse of getting your hands on them in a store ppaying with them - especially with gloves on, Good luck

E9 Climbing said...

Thanks! Price and size matters. Plus idiot proof in my case...

LX5 looks good!

E9 Climbing said...

Thanks Ian for this post! I think LX5 must be one of the best options for a climber. I say this not being a pro but after spending some time trying to find the best possible camera for what I do I think I have found love in the LX5!