Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scottish Pride

Ahhh, Yes! At the moment I just have an overwhelming feeling of pride. Proud that team Arc'teryx had such a great trip, proud that out of their comfort zone they climbed so well and most of all proud that Scotland really pulled out all the stops over the last couple of days. The kind of days that keep you going the rest of the year. Heres a few pics more to follow.
The early start pays off on the summit plateau of EigheThursday's route with Ines - Blood, Sweat and Frozen Tears a 4 star VIII
Ines picking up the Scottish game very quickly on pitch 1 of Blood Sweat...Audrey, Matt and Simon on Central Buttress
Our home for the night courtesy of Simon at
Happy campers Hans, Ines, Audrey and Matt


Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

The first picture is pure magic Ian!

Ian Parnell said...

It was just an extraordinary day. Having persuaded everyone to get up at 4am and leaving the campervans in snow, I was hoping against hope that the forecast would prove right. Then to reach the summit plateau as the sun broke the skyline was one of those occasions where you're beaming away with joy and then a little sob rises up and embarassingly you try to hide it with a cough or a snort! At that point Ines said it was worth the effort just for those moments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian, was wondering who were the lucky folks in the van on thursday night! We didnt pull in till midnight. Was that 2 of the guys getting back at 1am? Think we also saw your lights heading up the hil in the morning.... wondered what mega route you were heading for! Nice one! So is B, S and F tears just 3 hard VII pitches? Well protected?

Luca l'Alpinauta said...

great pics and greats pitches

Ian Parnell said...

I think that might have been Roger Webb who did a new thing on Liathach or a female pair on Central Butt. We topped out at about 3.30pm and were back to luxuriate in the vans by dark. Blood Sweat is 3 grade VII pitches although none easy, I think in current conditions the 3rd could be the crux. If you are looking for an VIII that won't risk getting downgraded Brusied Violet is at least a grade harder ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ian, I read your account of bruised violet therefore its not top of my list!!!!