Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hidden Talent

I don't think I'm that easily impressed but I'm fairly often surprised my the hidden talents of some of my climbing partners. Following my last post mentioning that I'd decided to take up jogging a friend of mine Es Tressider emailed to suggest going out for a run together. Well whilst being a very good climber (third ascent of the Duel IX in Scotland, new mountain routes around the world and alpine things like Scotch on the Rocks) Es is also quite handy at running. In fact when I asked him what he's been up to recently he casually mentioned that earlier this week he'd set a new record on the Snowdon Horseshoe. (read his blog about it here ).

This comes on top of many great "dashing about feats" most notably setting a new Skye Ridge record. The film crew Hotaches captured a previous attempt here

So as you can imagine I'm a little nervous about our proposed jog, perhaps I'll send Es round the Edale skyline first and join him for the last couple of miles to the Cafe?

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