Tuesday, March 25, 2008

News from 2006

Spring 06 Film Projects
Ian has changed sides of the lens and been performing in front of the camera for two upcoming film projects. The first was an ascent of Mick Fowler's legendary chalk test piece The Great White Fright on the Dover sea cliffs. Climbed with Chris Cubbitt and filmed by Sandy Ogilvie and Caravan Films for an as yet unnamed film project. The second was the ascent of a new Scottish winter route "Pick 'n Mix" climbed with Tim Emmett. Filmed by Rich Heap and Ben Pritchard of Slackjaw Films for possible inclusion in their latest film Hard XS, which it is hoped to be released by the end of the year.

Summer 06
The big project for Ian this summer is a 10 week expedition to Gasherbrum IV in Pakistan. Climbing with his old team mates Kenton Cool and John Varco they hope to climb the Shining Wall route first climbed by Voytek Kurtyka and Robert Schauer. This pair were amongst the best alpinists of their day but were still so pushed they couldn't make the summit. Ian and team are going to see if this time they can.

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